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Debut author of a contemporary romance trilogy

You are Good Enough!!

Originally posted on Maegan Provan, Author:
An increasingly disturbing trend is rippling through the literary world. It can be seen in both self published novels and traditionally published novels alike. It has the ability to change the way that people all…

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Book blogs

It’s link-sharing time again, and for this update I’ve collected links to a variety of blogs about books. They’re mostly review blogs, but it’s an eclectic little mix so hopefully there will be something for everyone – readers, writers, bloggers, … Continue reading

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Social networking

I’m aware that blogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I thought I’d share some social network links so that you can follow me elsewhere. Simply click on a logo and you’ll find me! Please come and say “hello” :)Continue reading

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Tasha’s story – the next chapter

Thanks to an out-of-the-blue email proposition, I’m experimenting with a completely new way of writing. New for me, I mean. I’ve been working intermittently on books four and five for some time, jotting down bits and bobs as they occur … Continue reading

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books 4 beaches

quote of the moment: from ‘New Beginnings’ by Johanna Nield I absolutely adore and respect and idolise him. Yes, I lust after him too, but who wouldn’t? I’m delighted to announce that an excerpt from “New Beginnings” is featured on … Continue reading

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Writing and Learning: websites to explore

Every now and then, I like to share links to websites that I’ve enjoyed in the hope that others will find something useful, informative, and / or entertaining. These are the sites that I’ve recently added to my bookmarks: The … Continue reading

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FutureLearn: Start Writing Fiction

Developing a character 1. Character sketch Tall, slim, 70s, high cheek bones, very attractive. Smartly dressed – camel coat, navy suit, both look expensive. Odd gloves! One red, one rainbow striped. No handbag – small purple purse retrieved from coat … Continue reading

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Tips for the reluctant self-promotor

Given my aversion to self-promotion, as I confessed last month, I’m encouraged and inspired by this article, written by Emily Harstone for Authors Publish Magazine: 3 Ways To Promote Yourself As A Writer (Even When You Don’t Want To) “Writing … Continue reading

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The WoMentoring Project

Reblogged from The WoMentoring Project Welcome to The WoMentoring Project   The WoMentoring Project exists to offer free mentoring by professional literary women to talented up and coming female writers who would otherwise find it difficult to access similar opportunities. The … Continue reading

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When is a publisher not a publisher?

Originally posted on Johanna Nield:
“Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is what you get if you don’t.” Pete Seeger, folk musician. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve learned that, if something looks a little bit too…

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