It’s been a while since I last updated this blog! Family, work, and personal issues have held my focus for the last month or so, leaving me little time and energy for anything creative. That’s beginning to change, though, so I’ll start the new year with a quick look at how things are progressing.


Night Publishing
Having finished my final edit of all three books last November, I have been resisting the temptation to go back and look at them again. I’ve sent the latest version of ‘New Beginnings’ to Night Publishing, and learned last week that their editors will be looking at it shortly with a view to publication in February! This news is both exhilerating and terrifying, and I’ll update more as I receive details of the ongoing process.

Sales of the Amazon Kindle / e-book version of ‘New Beginnings’ ground to a halt in December, but because I’ve done very little in terms of advertising it recently, I only have myself to blame for that. I hope that my launch of the digital version of book two some time next month will stir up some further interest, but I’m aware that it’s down to me to bring that news to the attention of any potential readership!

Since December, my personal ranking on Authonomy has plummetted to 3665 whilst – more importantly – my book’s rank has climbed to 784. Since the new rating system was introduced, I’ve stopped visiting the site on a (sometimes more than) daily basis, and now just look in once a week or so to check for comments, messages, or backings. I’ve also taken to backing books for a month at a time, as that seems to be what the site’s administrators wish us to do. I like the fact that I am no longer worried about my rating performance; as long as my book continues to climb up the chart, then I’m happy with that, no matter how long it takes to reach the top.

If any of this prompts you to want to read ‘New Beginnings’ (the first novel in my trilogy), you can find most of it on Authonomy or you can download a free sample from Amazon. The full book is also available on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

I’d really welcome feedback, good or bad, which you can leave on any of the above sites, or here, or via email – see my website for more details.


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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2 Responses to Updates

  1. mardy says:

    So excited to hear you might be published soon. I will want to buy them all and hope to get mine autographed. Hint hint. Great news


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