May update

Last month, in response to many requests for a ‘real’ book, rather than the e-book version that’s for sale on Amazon, I re-activated my Lulu account and uploaded New Beginnings as an experiment in self-publishing the paperback version. I ordered a proof copy and was thrilled with it, but then something else happened – after over a month’s silence since our last correspondence, I was told that a Night Publishing editor had been assigned to my book, and would shortly be in touch.

After reading my manuscript, the editor contacted me with some very flattering and encouraging comments, along with some revision suggestions. I spent the following weekend re-reading the entire book, and making the suggestion revisions, and was extremely pleased with the result.

Once I’d sent the revised manuscript back to the editor, I decided to upload that revised version to Lulu. I also redesigned the cover, using the ‘cover’ design that I’ve been using since last year to publicise my book. I’m now waiting for the proof copy of this latest version, and hope to start selling the paperback through Lulu and Amazon from next week.

I don’t yet have a publication date from Night Publishing, but I’m aware that they’re very busy with other projects at the moment, so I’m resigned to another wait and am happy to do my own thing until they’re ready.


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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