Snippets of news

On the advice of a fellow author, I contacted the British Library last week with regards to submitting a copy of the self-published version of my book. I’ve packed one up and will be posting it tomorrow. I will also be sending my details to Nielson, so by the end of this week I will be officially registered as a bone fide author. I now need to find out who is responsible for submitting a copy of the Night Publishing paperback, once that has been published.

I’ve also made enquiries about donating a copy to my local library, and I’m gathering contact details of local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations with a view to publicising it.

Also last week, I contacted a few book review websites, and have subsequently sent a copy of the book by post to a reviewer in the states, and the digital version to another American reviewer.

A new reader has given “New Beginnings” another 5-star review on Amazon! I’ve started to collate all my reviews – good and not so good – on my Reviews page. My sales rank on the Amazon UK site has climbed from somewhere around the 120k mark to 67841. It’s still a long way from top-seller status, but I’m pleased to see it climbing.

I have booked a ticket to Marie Claire’s How To Get Published tour and will be attending the Liverpool event on 28 July. I’m really looking forward to it 🙂


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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