Going public

With the exception of a small circle of family and friends, my profile as an author has been maintained only online until now, but that is all about to change.

On Wednesday, I took part in a fifteen minute interview with a reporter from our local weekly newspaper, and the article will be featured in next week’s issue, along with a photo of me holding a copy of ‘New Beginnings

Today, I called in to our town library to enquire about donating a copy of my book, and to find out whether or not they’d be interested in hosting a book launch event. I have an appointment with the manager next Thursday morning to explore the options.

So, from next week, my local community will know about my book, which is both terrifying and exhilerating in equal measure.

I feel oddly nervous about all this, perhaps because it will be my first foray as an author into the ‘real’ world. I spend a lot of time online, blogging and tweeting frequently about my book, and updating my internet presence at least once a day, but the internet affords me some level of anonymity as I’m known only by my pen name to all but a few friends. The newspaper article will include my real name, and a photo, and at the moment I feel as if I’ll be stepping into the firing line, because I will no longer be able to hide behind a pseudonym and a book cover: people will know that it’s me who has written this book.

I’m proud of my novel, and of the two sequels, and I know that people enjoy reading what I’ve written and want to read more. I suppose I’m simply afraid of rejection by my townsfolk, even though I have no reason to expect that.  I can only hope that the article will be received favourably, and will prompt further interest in my work.

Tying in with these developments, my sister has given me the names of some of her business contacts, with whom she suggests I can explore further ways of advertising and networking in a wider geographical area.  I’m grateful for all the support and advice I can get, and will be following up on this over the weekend.

In optimistic preparation for increased interest in ‘New Beginnings‘, the book is now available with 15% discount from Lulu or with free post & packing from Amazon


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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