Local newspaper interview

Last week, I was interviewed over the phone by a journalist from our local newspaper. The article has appeared in this week’s issue:

Rhyl author to build on first novel

Published date: 31 August 2011
Published by: Rhian Waller

A WRITER from Rhyl is on the verge of publishing her second novel.

Gail Metcalf, 54, who writes under the pseudonym Johanna Nield, has already seen some success with the release of her debut, New Beginnings, a contemporary romance which explores themes of love, loss and modern morality.
Gail said: “It’s one of three novels tied together. It’s the age old story of a woman in love with someone she shouldn’t be.
“He’s a widower and she fancies him and wants to support him, but it’s about how far to go within a friendship, and how soon you should move on after a bereavement.”

Written in the point of view of heroine Tasha, the diary form echoes chick lit favourites like Bridget Jones’s Diary, but its author insists the work is neither fluffy or sentimental.

Gail works for Action for Children based in Rhyl, and said that real life inspired many of the issues and events in the book.

She said: “There’s quite a lot emotionally going on. It’s an adult read. I’ve drawn on some of my own experiences and a couple of things my friends have been through.”

Gail counts best selling writers Sophie Kinsella, Audrey Niffeneger and Alice Sebold among her influences, but stumbled across chick lit quite by accident.

She said: “I won a book in an online competition. I don’t even remember the question or answer, and the prize was Class by Jane Beaton. It was a chance push into the genre. It’s my dream to be a professional writer, but I’m very realistic and know I face a lot of competition. I’m happy doing my day job and being read by those who want to read it.”

New Beginnings is available through Knight Publishing and Amazon. Look out for the release of the second part of the Mine, Yours, Ours trilogy next year

The article and accompanying photo can be viewed here

Aside from a few spelling mistakes, I’m rather pleased with the article and it has already attracted some very encouraging comments.


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2 Responses to Local newspaper interview

  1. johannanield says:

    Thank you, Mardy 🙂
    We no longer have any local independent book stores in this area, and the chain stores (W H Smiths, Waterstones, etc) don’t seem to have the authority to arrange such things, but I’m still plugging away. I plan on contacting libraries and book stores in other counties – those featured in my books – to find out if they would be interested.


  2. What a wonderful article. And I think I read that you have a author signing at the Library also. Great job. I know it is a lot of work promoting yourself,but you are doing great. Don’t forget to try local bookstores. I used to take local authors on consignment. It’s worth a try. Good luck. Can’t wait for the others to come out.


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