Mainstream book stores now stock “New Beginnings”

I learned late yesterday evening that “New Beginnings” is now available in the UK via Waterstones and WH Smith. I am not ashamed to admit that I bounced with delight when I made this discovery.

I’m fairly sure that neither store stocks the book in their shops (let me know if you discover otherwise!), but it’s available from both suppliers via their online stores, and WH Smith offer the option of delivery to any shop in the UK. Given that Lulu’s shipping charges start at £2.99, these two outlets now offer the cheapest option for UK residents.

I’ve provided details, and links, below:

Waterstones – £6.75. Free delivery in the UK

WH Smith – £6.75. Free delivery to stores in the UK (postal delivery from £1.99)

The book is, of course, still available from Lulu and Amazon:

Lulu – £5.75. Postal delivery from £2.99

Amazon – £5.99. Postal delivery £2.80
It’s also listed at £6.75 with free delivery, but that version is (according to Amazon) temporarily out of stock.

* * * * *

Prices in America vary widely, despite most outlets selling via Amazon (where the book is sold at $11.99 with free shipping)

Barnes & Noble – from $8.63

Borders – $23.95! Free delivery (I should bloody well think so!)

AllBookStores – from $11.48. Free delivery

Tower Books – $11.99 via Amazon – postage varies

* * * * *

In Europe, the Amazon version is also available from DEAstore – E10.57 or E9.25 (depends on the publisher). Free delivery.

* * * * *

Whilst carrying out this research, I learned that “New Beginnings” is also listed on Google Books. Details are scant, as are many of the listings above, but it still gave me a little thrill to see it there 🙂

* * * * *

Personalised copies are available direct from me.
Shipping will vary depending on destination, but I try to keep the price lower than Amazon.


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