Recommended websites

During the last week or so, I’ve discovered some excellent web sites and resources for writers and readers alike.


Omniglot is the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages, and it’s an absolute treasure trove for the logophiles among us (count me in!)

Its simple layout belies the huge range of subjects and information contained within the site, and I’ve already lost several hours exploring the many different sections. The banner above is a link to the site – enjoy!

The Indie Books List is “dedicated to promoting Indie (and not so Indie) authors and their work, one excerpt at a time”.

Another user-friendly site, this does exactly what it says in the header – it provides excerpts from independently published authors, with links for readers to buy the full book if they feel so inclined.

Kindle Spice features ebook stories which are for a mature audience. They have a sister site, Kindle Finds for a more general selection.

“New Beginnings” was recently featured on KindleSpice (26 October); if you’ve read it, please add your vote on the main page.

The WoMen’s Literary Café (welcoming both men and women) is an extension of the The Women’s Nest. It is an online community that bridges the gap between writers and readers with the sole mission of promoting great literature. The WoMen’s Literary Café is ‘Where readers and authors unite!’

Bridging the gap between readers and authors, the WoMen’s Lit Cafe will offer free promotions to authors, reviewers, bloggers, and editors–bringing readers, authors, and author services together under one umbrella in a free, easily navigable venue.

Do you have any favourite websites, as either a reader or an author? Please share them, so that I can include them in future posts.


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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