Let’s try that again, shall we?

A helpful soul pointed out that commenting on my blog wasn’t as easy as replying on Facebook or Twitter, so I’ve changed the settings and it should now be just as simple for anyone to comment here.

To quote someone I adored for many years (and still do, although we’ve both moved on): “I’d like to test that theory”!

Tell it like it is!
I’d like some honest feedback on my blog, please.

These questions are also for those who follow updates via Facebook and Twitter.

Do you read my blog?
– If not, why not?
– If so, what do you like about it?
What content would you like to see here?
What puts you off commenting?

Please answer wherever you feel more comfortable – here, by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Please also feel free to comment on any aspect of importance to you, in relation to this blog, that I may not have covered.

Thank you 🙂


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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10 Responses to Let’s try that again, shall we?

  1. Kate says:

    I quite adore that “speaker” myself. (and I think that might be my favorite single line spoken in all those 7 years, but, digression over)

    Anyway, I do read your blog from time to time, but, usually in spurts, since LJ-land is where I do most my following for news of your world. I’m bad about commenting on blogs in general, I don’t comment very often on any blogs, and I am not entirely sure why that is.

    I have a similar problem on my blog. I’ve tried to find some wisdom on this, and other blogs say, if you want people to comment, you must invite them to do so. That’s balderdash. Because I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. But, what I have gotten comments on, well, I’m not entirely sure. They seem to be posts that are largely about creativity, or maybe ones where I shared more personal things, but, I’ve got too small of a sample to know for sure, so, I’d just be guessing, really.

    What I’m learning is that I probably need to write better headlines in general, and maybe figure out what the site’s true purpose is, because I’ve never nailed that one down, and, ironically, that’s the first thing I used to tell my web design students to do!


    • johannanield says:

      He was a very wise man 😉

      LJ is completely separate: that’s for the ‘real’ me, where I share more personal updates with the occasional mention of my author alter ego, whereas this blog is intended to promote my books and my journey towards establishing myself in the writing world.

      I invariably end each of my posts with a question or some similar invitation to engage, but it doesn’t seem to work. I know that people are at least looking at this blog (not huge numbers, but at least a few each day) but they seem reluctant to comment, even now that I’ve relaxed the settings.

      I’ve been considering a move to Blogger/Blogspot, purely to see if there’s a wider audience there, but I suspect that most of my Twitter and Facebook followers are simply reluctant to leave their comfort zones.


      • Kate says:

        That’s what I figured (LJ vs here) since it’s mostly how I do it, too. I am tempted to say it’s mostly a “bandwidth” issue, (only so much time to follow everything), but, I do try.

        I used Blogger for a bit, when they allowed you to have your own domain name. I like Word Press’s software better, but, not enough to have switched had it not becomes necessary.

        I get good traffic on my blog. It’s honestly more traffic than I get on my cemeteries site, which is shocking to me, because that’s more on a single topic, so the traffic is more organic from searches. However, I suspect the traffic is higher because of the posting frequency, which is much higher on my blog than my cemeteries site. (I try for three times a week, but, I’ve been not so on top of that. ) I do know that I need to increase my posting frequency on the cemeteries, it’s just been, well, hard to keep up. Stupid day jobs which pay the bills!


        • johannanield says:

          I think frequent posting is key, and it’s something I need to work on. I’m setting up the Blogger account as back-up, but I’ll give the posting-more-often thing a try before I decide whether or not to jump ship 😉

          Thanks for sharing your experiences with this – it’s always helpful to know how things work for other people.


  2. develish1 says:

    Thought I’d say hi since no-one else is saying anything. 🙂


    • johannanield says:

      Thank you!

      Was it an easy experience? Are there too many loop-holes to dance through before one can post a reply? I’m trying to figure out if it’s the content or the responding process that’s putting people off engaging with me here.


      • develish1 says:

        well I have a wordpress ID as you know, so all I had to do was sign in as I normally would, but even without that I doubt it’s that difficult. Non-wordpress users have commented on my blog before without any problems


        • johannanield says:

          I wondered for a while if there was a problem that was stopping non-wordpress users from commenting, but I’m convinced now that it all boils down to content. Time to mix things up! 😉


          • develish1 says:

            doing this while not signed in, just to check, but yeah it’s simply enough, all I had to do was give a name and an email address and presto!

            Oh and in case you (or anyone else) were wondering, the only reason it’s showing an avatar when I’m not signed in is because I have one set up with gravatar for the email add I used


          • johannanield says:

            Thank you for testing it out – that’s definitely proven my theory and given me something to work on 🙂


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