My favourite blogs

I follow several blogs, and I thought it would make a nice change to occasionally share some of them here.

Among those dedicated to writing, two of my favourites are Nicola Morgan’s Help! I Need a Publisher! and Emlyn Chand’s Novel Publicity – they’re both a joy to read, as well as being chock-full of advice and guidance.

Another feast of information, beautifully presented, can be found on Danuta Kean‘s blog, which includes some personal musings as well as her professional commentaries.

Away from writing, I’ve followed John Wyver’s Illuminations blog for a few years and am always delighted to learn something new about the world of television, films and DVDs (they produce and publish media about the arts and performance). It was a very special treat to follow John’s updates during their filming of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s ‘Hamlet’ in 2009, as it gave us a wonderful insight into the process of capturing that magnificent production for DVD. Having seen that version of the play on stage in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2008, I then watched the DVD with an extra frisson of pleasure after following its progress from announcement to release. John’s blog covers the entire spectrum of the arts, and often hosts some very passionate debates – well worth a visit!

Two favourite blogs that are also (loosely) connected to the arts involve Scottish actors. One – David Tennant on Twitter – is linked to a website and Twitter account that are dedicated to my favourite actor, and the other – Scottish Actors – reports news and updates on the work of Scots actors around the world.

Staying with the Scottish theme, I also follow Dear Scotland, which features articles on Scottish music, sport, film and the life written by and for Scots around the world. It’s mostly for ex-pats, I think, but I enjoy the wide range of subjects.

It’s at this point that I must come clean: I took over as editor of the Scottish Actors blog last year (January 2011) and because Dear Scotland regularly include articles from SA, I’m listed as a contributor on DS. I’d already been following them both for some time, though, so I was a fan before I became actively involved.

I hope that this will become a regular feature, so do you have any favourite blogs that you’d like to share with me?


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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