Pick a number …

Would you like a free mini extract from my second novel?

Select a number between 4 and 256, and I’ll share a page from “New Beginnings: Moving On” as it appears in the book.

What’s your number?


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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    • johannanield says:

      Thank you!
      Obviously this extract will be very much out of context, but here goes anyway …

      about trying a bit harder to get out of it, but that wouldn’t have been fair. He was obviously offended and very annoyed, and very anxious about my reaction. He told me she’s a trouble-maker and he honestly thinks she’s mentally unstable and he was going to say more but I just put my finger on his lips to shut him up, and I told him I didn’t blame him at all. He literally sagged with relief, bless him, and gave me a hug.
      Then we went back inside and I thought we’d go and sit down, but he led me over to the bar, where Alison was talking to two couples and he interrupted her, politely, and said “Last year, you offended Helen and me with your behaviour, and I let it go, but then you had the gall to try something at my father’s funeral. Tonight you’ve offended me again, and you’ve upset Tasha. You seem to think I’m fair game, and I’ve no idea where that idea has come from but even if I was, I would not be interested in you. So I’m telling you once and for all, to your face and in front of witnesses, that I do not appreciate your advances and I feel it’s time you stopped making fools of us both.”
      She tried to interrupt and laugh it off, but the others could see that Jamie was deadly serious, and she then had the good grace to look embarrassed. Jamie didn’t give her the chance to say anything though – he just turned round and took me back to our table. I have to say that his little speech was far more satisfying than the kicking I’d imagined giving her: she was squirming with embarrassment by the time he’d finished. He was upset by it though, and although he tried to shake it off we could all tell that he was still seething underneath and it put a bit of a dampener on the rest of the evening.


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