March update

So far this month I have

  • Written some background details and character sketches for the new novel*
  • Entered “New Beginnings” into three writing competitions.
  • Sent a submission to a new literary agency.
  • Submitted a blurb for review rather than a synopsis (a very stupid mistake, but good feedback received so far). Feel free to add your comments, either there or here.
  • Entered a review competition (the winner wins – obviously – a free review).
  • Added another 2 books to my shelf at Goodreads. Are any of your favourite books there?

* I woke up one morning a few weeks ago with the opening paragraphs of an erotic thriller in my head. I was a little alarmed as I don’t write erotic thrillers, and have never even read one. I’ve since come to realise that the opening paragraphs are quite erotic, but the core of the story is not: it’s a crime/thriller/romance type of thing. I’m woolly about the genre at this stage because I’m still piecing it together and am not entirely sure which genre it will fit when it’s ready to be written. Watch this space!

Image courtesy of Writers First Aid blog


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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