For your bookmarking pleasure

I’ve been bookmarking more useful websites, and thought I’d share them here.

They’re mostly related to writing, but they’re not exclusively so and I feel they all have something for everyone.

Check them out, and let me know what you think. Likewise, if you know of similar sites then please share them here.

Writing advice and reviewing services

Help! I Need a Publisher
To quote the ‘blurb’ in the site’s header:

Nicola Morgan, the Crabbit Old Bat, is an award-winning author of around 90 books across many genres. She gives crabbitly honest advice to determined writers, here and in her books, WRITE TO BE PUBLISHED, WRITE A GREAT SYNOPSIS, and TWEET RIGHT – the Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter.

It’s an entertaining and informative blog for anyone with an interest in the written word, with some very lively and witty discussions on a wide range of subjects. You don’t need to be a writer to join in.

Why Is My Book Not Selling?
This site offers a critique, based on the first 300 words of a novel, the cover image, and a brief description. Readers are invited to comment, too, so it’s a very interactive site.

The Book Analyst

The Book Analyst is a literary consultancy that can help you to get your writing into the best possible shape.
If publication is your aim, I will do my best to improve your chances, and give you a realistic idea of how successful you are likely to be.

This is probably of interest to writers more than readers but there’s a wealth of information and advice here, clearly presented, in a lovely no-nonsense style.

Be Your Own Editor

Author and editor Sigrid Macdonald provides tips for writers, students writing essays, bloggers, novelists, Amazon reviewers, non-fiction writers and authors of all ages and stages, in her book Be Your Own Editor.

The blog’s colour scheme needs some work, in my opinion, but there’s an abundance of tips and advice here.

The Self Publishing Magazine

The Self Publishing Magazine is a UK-based print and online magazine packed full of essential advice for anyone about to self publish their own book.
With expert advice on all aspects of the self publishing process, from book production and printing to marketing and promotion, The Self Publishing Magazine is the indispensable guide to help you to get the most from your self publishing projects.

I buy the print version of this magazine, and have found it invaluable. Readers will find it interesting and informative, too, especially those looking for less mainstream books.

The Self Publishing Review
Does what it says on the tin. A very well presented site, and a veritable library of self-published books for the discerning reader.

London Writers Club
Despite its name, this site has worldwide appeal.

If you want to get writing, meet writers and meet agents and publishers, join the London Writers’ Club today. We are a global club for writers of all genres – from complete beginners to published authors.

The Society of Authors
The Society is for those who have been offered a contract from a publisher, broadcaster or agent, but contains such a wealth of information and advice, as well as updates about their many events, that I can’t leave it out.

Writers and Artists

The insider Guide to the Media
The best industry advice for writers and artists as well as writing services for every stage of your writing journey

Nuff said. This is the writers’ bible, but the site also includes a huge blog section, a selection of shared work, and a wealth of resources.


Book Guild Publishing

Book Guild Publishing is a well-established independent publishing company which has been publishing books for 25 years.
Apart from the intrinsic pleasure of publishing a diverse list, in a small way we help to maintain the broad base of general publishing so often under threat from ‘reduced product lines’ and ‘list rationalization’.
We offer an eclectic mix of quality books: novels and stories to enchant and engage both adults and children, vivid memoirs and biographies that give insight into remarkable lives, past and present, and timely books on current affairs.

For the reader, this offers a wide range of books although some of the prices seem a bit expensive to me.

How Publishing Really Works

You Want To Be Published…
…but you don’t know where to start. Big publishers won’t accept submissions, small presses publish books you’ve never heard of, and the one publisher which wants to publish your book has demanded money, which doesn’t seem right. You’re determined to avoid the pitfalls and predators and get published properly. But how can you be sure you’re on the right track?
Simple. Read this website. You’ll find out exactly How Publishing Really Works.

This is another treasure trove of information and advice. The landing page provides an index to the related blog, but the navigation tabs at the top of the page give an overview of the huge resources available on this site.

I can’t mention publishing without including Lulu, because I’m a customer: I’ve published two books through Lulu, and I’ve bought several books from there.

At Lulu, it’s free to publish, and authors can create everything from hardcover books to eBooks, photo books to calendars. We operate a global print network and provide worldwide distribution so that authors can reach readers just about anywhere, including on and the iBookstoreSM. If authors need any help along the way — with cover design, editing, formatting, marketing or the publishing process in general — our services team can provide expert assistance through a la carte offerings and bundled packages.

The book store at Lulu is massive, and the prices are extremely reasonable (many are free, with or without special offers)


I’m relatively new to LinkedIn and I’m not entirely convinced that it’s for me, but the networking potential is undeniable.

I have a Google+ page and a personal profile, but I’m still learning how to use it. Frankly, at this stage, I’m still quite confused by it but its growing popularity tells me that it’s going to be as useful a networking tool as LinkedIn.

I’ve been a member of Good Reads for a while now, and I love sharing my thoughts about the books I’ve read, and learning about what others are enjoying. So many books, so little time!

I recently changed the name and profile of my Facebook page so that I can include information about all three titles in my trilogy, and any subsequent works, rather than just the first one. Please come and join in!

Authors on Twitter
I established Authors on Twitter, a daily ‘newspaper’ for Twitter followers, because it brings together a wide range of articles, comments, and links that both writers and readers may find interesting. Let me know what you think, and if you’d like to be included then DM me on Twitter. My Twitter user name is @JohannaNield


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