Competition: no purchase necessary!

I’d like you to “Share” my books and tell the world about them, and in return you can win one of three prizes.

Simply go to my book on Amazon and click the “Like” button found on the product page. Next, a small pop-up box will appear and there; click on the “F” symbol to share your love with your Facebook friends so that they can see it, or click on the Twitter icon to share the love with your Twitter followers.

Click on the image below for a larger example of what you’ll see.

A share takes no more than two mouse-clicks — not much, considering what you could win for your trouble. Count how many times you share this way. If you can also access the UK site – or any of Amazon’s other international sites – that will give you more sharing options.

Next, go to my book listing on Barnes & Noble’s website. On the product page, click on the “F” to share the love with your Facebook friends and also click on the “+1” symbol to share it with your Google+ circles. Again, two mouse-clicks are all that required. Once again, count how many times you share this way.

If you’re up for it, you could also visit my page on Lulu and do the same for each book there.

Although the sequel is currently only available from Lulu, the first book “New Beginnings” is listed on most on-line book stores, such as W H Smith, Borders, Waterstones, etc. If you want to increase your chances of winning, then simply seek them out (searching my name will bring quicker results, as there are many books with the same title) and add them to your score.

Then simply send me an email to johannanield at gmail dot com and put “Shared: xxx” in the subject line (“xxx” would, naturally, stand for the number of your total shares). In the body of your email, tell me where you’ve shared, and for which book(s).

As you can see, this is really easy and no purchase is necessary. You can share my books even if you’ve never even read one. In fact, I would love it if you’d share information about my books anyway, because even if they are not your cup of tea, some of your friends may like to read contemporary romance novels that deal with the moral and social issues challenging today’s couples.

On 1st May, I will randomly draw three winners from the entrants and notify them of their prizes; details will be posted here.

The prizes are gift/book vouchers.

Good luck!

Idea borrowed from Guido Henkel


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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