Random extract: ‘New Beginnings’ (June)

I’ve randomly selected an extract from “New Beginnings” to share here.

Monday 9 June

Well it seems I owe Ben and Adam a massive thank you, even if they flatly refuse to tell me exactly what they talked about with Jamie yesterday. It’s obvious they discussed ‘the situation’ but they won’t go into details, because apparently Ben had suggested to Jamie that he didn’t need to say anything about their talk to me, and Jamie hasn’t given much away either. I can forgive them, though, because J is much more relaxed about the whole thing now and that’s more important than anything else.

It was nearly 6 when he got up yesterday evening. I was on my second Chardonnay by then (thank you, Lucy) and I’d actually calmed down and was thinking quite sensibly and maturely and objectively, then he goes and appears at the door in his Calvin Kleins and I nearly spilt my wine. He had the decency to pull his shirt on, but the damage was done by then and I’d forgotten most of the sensible and mature things that I was going to say – I had just enough presence of mind left to keep quiet and wait for him to say something. The first thing he said, of course, was “Sorry” – sorry for sleeping so long, sorry for getting drunk – which I brushed off, but we do need to have a serious talk about him saying that so much.

I’ll do it again in a week or so, if anyone’s interested?

If you’d like to get involved, pick a number and I’ll take my random selection from the appropriate page.


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