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A few months ago I shared some of my online haunts, which proved quite popular. I’ve been bookmarking like mad recently, mainly because I don’t always have the time to read everything I come across in one sitting, but also because there are a lot of wise, entertaining and talented people out there whose work I want to be able to follow at my leisure. Here’s a selection of my most recent finds.

I planned on categorising these links into sections so that those sites that will be of interest mainly to writers would be separate from those that are likely to appeal to readers; not that the two are mutually exclusive – far from it – but because I’m aware that most of my blog followers are not writers themselves and will not be particularly interested in some of the more technical offerings. However, each of these sites has something to offer reader and writer alike, so I’m listing them now in no particular order.

I follow scriptwriter and novelist Jason Arnopp on Twitter, and by default I also follow his blog which is as witty, diverse and intellectual as its author. I bookmarked his article on 10 Reasons Why Twitter Is Great For Writers last month, but have read it several times since then in an attempt to absorb some of his wisdom.

For Books’ Sake is a colourful website that showcases books by and for independent women.  The content is lively and eclectic, and guaranteed to keep you occupied for hours.

This is an incredibly informative website, packed with invaluable advice and guidance for authors at all stages of their careers.

Trapped By Monsters is a joint blog created by some of the UK’s finest up-and-coming writers and illustrators of books and stories for young people. It’s another colourful, user-friendly site and I particularly love their “Adopt A Bookshop” campaign

An oddly named website, in my opinion, but it’s full of helpful articles for the self-publishing author, or for those who are considering that route to publication. They also have a book reviewing team, and an online store.

I may have mentioned Stylist Magazine before, but their Books section is worth dipping into on a regular basis

Reading Matters is edited by Kim Forrester, a self-confessed book addict, freelance journalist/editor and blogger. She publishes reviews, and also writes about book news, book stores, book events and book lists, so there’s something for everyone.

Goodreads‘ mission is to help people find and share books they love. To me, though, it’s more than that: GoodReads is one of those sites that brings together readers and authors, each of whom can choose to interact with other members as much or as little as they please. There are blog options, competitions, giveaways, games and, of course, millions of book recommendations. A bibliophile paradise! I’m there, by the way – please say hi!

Helen Yendall’s Blog About Writing has a slightly misleading title – she also blogs about books, competitions, blogging, her travels, and anything else that sparks her curiosity. She produces intelligent and entertaining articles in a  charming, chatty writing style.

This blog does what it says on the tin: Lisa reviews books at an enviable pace. If you’re looking for a romance novel and want to know what someone else thinks of it before you buy, try this site first (no, my books aren’t listed!)

This is a gorgeous blog. It’s also witty and informative and hugely entertaining. For a taster, I highly recommend that you read the Comment Policy and other sections in the footer.

What have you bookmarked lately?


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