Should bloggers charge for reviews?

Author Michele Gorman recently asked the following question on her blog:

“Readers and bloggers, where do you stand on bloggers charging writers for favourable reviews?”

She shared a recent experience with a book review site, which you can read about in full here.

I responded, and hope you will too – either here or there.

Michele Gorman’s blog can be read and followed here


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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2 Responses to Should bloggers charge for reviews?

  1. johannanield says:

    I agree. I can’t see how a reviewer can expect any credibility if they accept money for their opinions; surely they must realise that the majority of readers would assume some bias towards the payee.


  2. RevPlace says:

    I am strongly against taking money in exchange for a favorable review. Maybe if they just pay for the review but let you say what you want about the product, but not specifically for a good review. Even if they do let you say what you want, you could still lose some credibility by accepting money.


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