Mid-September update

Preparing for my second book launch event at the end of this month has been my only writing-related activity of late. I long to start work on book four, but I’ve yet to settle on an outline for it. I have two ideas – they both start the same, but end very differently – and I can’t decide which will fit better with the preceding three books. I want to experiment with them both but I keep putting that off, and I wonder if it’s because I feel that book four will be a definitive end to the series.

Another factor contributing to my writing inactivity is that my day job has become more demanding, leaving me drained by the end of the day, as do regular periods of insomnia. My muse has battened down the hatches, venturing out infrequently to deposit fragments of scenes or dialogue in my frazzled brain. I’m jotting them down, and sometimes expand on them mentally as I lie awake at night, but for now these new ideas are just being filed away.

However …

Before work began to get the better of me, and before writing had dropped out of my daily routine, I’d made the decision to find out about studying for a degree with the Open University. I promised myself that, if I found the right degree and if I qualified for financial support for the fees, I’d register as a student. In what feels like the blink of an eye, that has happened: I’ve been awarded support for the fees, and I’ve been accepted to study for a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, with Creative Writing. This will mean a commitment of 12 – 16 hours’ study per week (I’m aiming for two hours each evening) and I hope that this will prompt a rejuvenation of my writing habits. We shall see. It will certainly be a challenge to hone my time-management skills!

Source: http://www.shoot2shoot.com/2012/03/16/what-the-heck-is-time-management-anyway/

In the meantime, ‘New Beginnings’ has attracted another lovely review on Goodreads, and it continues to sell modestly on Amazon. I’m still waiting (15 months later) for complete sales figures, but readers’ feedback indicates that sales are steady. If I could only persuade them to write their feedback on Amazon!

A recent order form Gardners, the UK’s largest book wholesalers, was very encouraging, not least because they supply most of the large retail book chains as well as independent book shops. I doubt I’ll ever find out where my books will be stocked, but I’m thrilled to think that they’re out there somewhere in at least one real book shop 🙂

In other news, my Twitter account is slowly attracting more followers, as is my Facebook page, but new followers are always welcome 🙂


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