Tasha’s travels: Chester

To be fair, the title of this entry is somewhat misleading, since Tasha doesn’t travel very much at all, but it’s rather catchy and not entirely inaccurate so I hope it will suffice.

The purpose of this short series is to highlight some of the places that Tasha visits, for the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with the place names in my books. I will be posting ten short entries over the coming weeks which I hope will bring some visual enhancement to the relevant incidents and periods of Tasha’s story.


Photo source: The Independent

I’m starting with Chester because it’s Tasha’s favourite city. When we meet her, she lives in a fairly large rural town in Cheshire with many amenities, but Chester is where she likes to shop, and it’s where she and Hayley spent many a Friday and Saturday night tottering from club to club in their dancing days.

Tasha’s never taken much notice of Chester’s history or its architectural diversity: she goes there for the shops, the clubs, and the cafes. She visited the Cathedral once on a school trip, but was so impatient to spend her money in Top Shop that she remembers nothing of the tour.

chester cathedral
Chester Cathedral

Tasha and Hayley have broken many heels on the wooden floors of the Rows, but that only gave them the excuse to buy more shoes, with no regard for the history of the two-tiered shopping area.

Chester Rows

If there’s a nightclub in Chester that Tasha and Hayley haven’t visited (before Jamie and Craig were on the scene, of course), then they’ll both want to know why. They’ve also visited most of the pubs in the city, although – as with most towns and cities – there are one or two that they only visited once.

Tasha and Hayley have enjoyed several days out at the races – a popular Saturday pastime in that area – although both would admit that it was more an excuse to get dressed up and have a laugh and a drink than to pay any attention to the horses; neither have a particular talent for spotting a winner on the track.

Ladies Day at Chester Races. Photo source: Collette Costello

Whenever Tasha and Hayley arrange to meet in Chester, they usually do so at Wetherspoons on Foregate street, because it’s familiar and very close to the shops; their nights out in the city often start there too. On one memorable occasion, they decided to have a change and arranged to meet at The Grosvenor for lunch, but both felt so out of place in the sumptuous 4-star surroundings that they turned tail at the door and hurried down the street to their favourite pub instead!

Tasha treasures the memory of a childhood trip to Chester Zoo with her Mum and sister – a joint birthday treat for both girls – but she hasn’t been since. She’d no doubt notice many changes as the zoo has expanded over the years.

I hope I’ve managed to convey a sense of what attracts Tasha to Chester. She and I have very different tastes (I love the architecture, the history, and the book shops that she walks by without noticing) but we both agree that it’s a city worth visiting.

For more information on Chester, try Visit Chester
Disclaimer: I do not work for, nor do I have any affiliation to, the Chester Tourist Board 😉


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