New poll (with prize!): which book would you like to read next?

As many of you will know, books four and five have been on the back burner for a year or so. Family, work and study commitments were demanding more of my time, and my shy little creative muse couldn’t compete.


However, in the last month or so, ideas for both books have started to simmer again and, as I tweeted recently, book four has a definite outline, while book five has a beginning and an end (although no middle yet!)

♥ Book four will tell the story from Jamie’s point of view.
♥ Book five will continue the story, following on from book three.
I’ve numbered the books this way purely because they don’t yet have titles.

Now, dear reader, I’d like your opinion: which of these two new books would you like to read first?

Please feel free to comment. For example, I’d love to know why you’d prefer one book rather than the other, or why you feel they should be read in a particular order.

All respondents will be entered into a draw to win a digital version of one of my books.

Book question

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