A (not so) local attraction?

The ‘New Beginnings‘ saga is very clearly a British tale: the story features an English girl and a Scot, and the settings move from a quiet little town in Cheshire to other parts of England, as well as to Wales and Scotland.

There are words and phrases in the narrative, and in dialogue between the characters, that are unmistakably British; some of them are very localised and possibly completely incomprehensible to readers beyond our shores.

BritphrasesI’d always assumed that my books would appeal primarily to a British audience, but Amazon tells me otherwise: around 80% of all three titles are bought via the US site.

Thank you, America!

Whilst I’m very grateful to all my readers around the world (thank you!), this surprising statistic makes me wonder – are US sales higher because the US site is more popular, even with non-American customers, or is it because the books are more attractive to an American audience?

I have no demographic data regarding my readers, but I know that my Facebook page attracts twice as many British followers and visitors than American or other nationalities, and the same seems to be true of those who follow my Twitter account *

Why, then, are my books more popular on Amazon’s US site?

  • Is it because American readers enjoy British books?
  • Is it because non-American readers prefer to use Amazon’s US site?
  • Is there a much more obvious reason that’s staring me in the face??

what-do-you-think-dreamstime_s_20602105Over to you!

If you have a theory, please share it – I’d really like to understand what’s going on!

If you’ve no idea either, perhaps you’d like to take part in a wee survey instead?

Whether you’ve read my books or not, I’d like to know which Amazon site you use to buy books. This obviously won’t tell me why my books are more popular in the US than anywhere else, but it might give an insight into general book-buying trends that may partially explain the puzzle.

Or it might just be a mildly interesting exercise to indulge the curious amongst us!

Pile of Books


* non-Brits, please feel free to redress the Twitter/Facebook balance!


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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