Too British for my own good?

I’ve reached a rather devastating conclusion this evening: I’m far too British for my own good.

I’m modest. I can’t confidently identify any brass instrument, so how can I possibly blow my own trumpet? will know that my Twitter and Facebook updates are quiet and unassuming, especially compared to those of other writers. I’d like to be more in-your-face, but quite honestly that’s not me.

I squirm with uncomfortable admiration when reading some authors’ self-publicity on the social networks: I’d rather sit in a bath full of slugs than launch a daily (let alone hourly) self-promotion campaign.  I did it once, for five days, and although the event was successful in attracting new readers, I found the experience very stressful. Pushy sales tactics have me looking for the door, and being pushy is something that feels very unnatural to me. I’m aware that the authors who engage in regular self-publicity are the ones who are getting noticed, gaining followers and selling books, but that does not make the slug-bath any less attractive.

I can’t cope with more than an occasional plugging of my books / website (there’s even a new one!) (see what I did there?); the idea of doing that on more than a weekly basis fills me with discomfort. I’m still a little shy about telling people about my books, and even the relative anonymity of the internet doesn’t really help with that.

What, then, am I to do about this?

Answer: nothing.

I’m British, and I’m proud of that. I’m also the product of my upbringing, my experiences, my culture, my values … everything that’s shaped the person that I call ‘me’. If that makes me modest and reticent and rather afraid of the limelight, then so be it.  I’ll always be proud of my books and thankful for my readers, and I’ll never stop writing or hoping that others enjoy my work.

Too British for my own good? Maybe: the path I’ve chosen will never lead to the best-seller list.

On the other hand, all that limelight would wreck my very pale, very British complexion 😉

psych-your-mind.blogspot.comDisclaimer: even in my skinnier, younger days, I never looked that glamourous!



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9 Responses to Too British for my own good?

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  2. Carol says:

    I cannot abide ‘pushy’ people. I find them wearisome, overbearing and full of their own self-importance which is usually of no importance to anyone but themselves. Imagine being locked in a room full of them for 24 hours! I prefer a quiet, unassuming, humorously self-effacing individual who doesn’t take themselves so very seriously. . . . I usually find such people far more genuine, interesting and intelligent company than those self -publicists who seem to be totally wrapped up in themselves.


  3. ryandejonghe says:

    Haha, loved this.


  4. sjhigbee says:

    Reblogged this on Brainfluff and commented:
    I really enjoyed reading this – and I have a hunch that Johanna isn’t the only author, Brit or otherwise, who feels more comfortable writing, rather than bigging up her work…


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