Something has to go!

During the last four years, I’ve gradually built up a modest online presence via various platforms. As well as this blog, I have a website, a Twitter account, two Facebook pages and various other media through which I’ve been able to engage with some wonderfully diverse groups of readers and writers.

However, for various reasons, I no longer have enough time to devote to all of these online accounts.

So … which one(s) should go?

Please take a look at each of the following, and then tell me honestly which one(s) you’re least likely to visit.

About Me
Book Stores: Wix & Tictail
Google+ Page
Facebook 1
Facebook 2 Vote for as many as you wish, and those with the most votes will go.

Thank you 🙂


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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2 Responses to Something has to go!

  1. herheadache says:

    I know how you feel. there are so many different accounts nowadays. How does anyone keep up with them all? I guess, like you are saying here, they don’t. I am slowly building up an online presence, with my blog/websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter. Those are my main ones.

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    • johannanield says:

      I feel I’ve spread myself too thinly by trying to maintain all these different accounts.
      Your approach – blog/website, Facebook, Twitter – allows more time for meaningful engagement. That’s what I hope to achieve 🙂


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