Xmas-themed taster: Sunday 21 December


Sunday 21 December
I’m tired and I’ve got a sore throat, so I’m going to bed soon. I’ve got a horrible feeling that I may be catching the flu, or at least a cold, and I really don’t want to be ill over Christmas so on Friday I started taking Vitamin C tablets and tonight I’ve just taken some Night Nurse and I’m hoping to sleep it off. I’m going with Bridget and the girls to Byford tomorrow for their ‘getting to know you’ visit, and I’m driving so I’ll need to have my wits about me as I haven’t been there before.

We’ve had a lovely weekend, much more relaxed than I’d thought it would be. Jamie and I put the Christmas tree up on Friday after work. We’ve bought a fake one, just a small one, with some simple decorations for it. He told me that they used to buy a real tree each year, and there’s a box in the attic that holds the decorations they’ve used for years, but there was no way that I was going to put him through all that so I asked if he’d mind if I got a new one and he was fine with it. He was awfully quiet while we were putting it up, and it was obviously difficult for him, but he’s trying really hard to not get down about it all. I’m doing all the present wrapping and card sending (they’ve all been posted now) but I’ve been showing him what I’m doing just so he’s not out of the loop. I know he can’t drum up false enthusiasm for it all – wouldn’t want him to – but he’s doing okay.


Extract from New Beginnings: Moving On

Xmas tree photo courtesy of Tesco



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