Click Here

You can buy copies of all three titles in the “New Beginnings” series from the following outlets:


  • My online store New Beginnings
  • Personalised copies direct from my website: 
    (please note that postage and packing etc may make this the most expensive option)


You can order all my books via WH Smith, Waterstones and most other book shops by quoting the relevant ISBN:-

  • New Beginnings – 978-0-9564510-2-6
  • New Beginnings: Moving On – 978-0-9564510-3-3
  • New Beginnings: Starting Over – 978-1-2913650-5-4

There are several other outlets (UK and worldwide) listed on my blog here

Please get in touch if you have any difficulty in obtaining copies of my books from any outlet.

If you’re curious about ‘that’ song in book two (I’m Yours, by The Script), you can download it here:


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