Tictail app – shopping on the go!

Today, I’m sharing some great news, received by email this afternoon – my Tictail store New Beginnings is now available via the Tictail app!


The Tictail app gives you a wide range of shopping opportunities at your fingertips (including my books!)

Download the app now:


P.S. – telling your friends never hurts ;)




Tictail app image courtesy of Tictail
Tell Everyone image courtesy of Simple Life Publishing via Google

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Late summer mist


Today was a beautiful day: the air was still, hot, and hazy under an almost cloudless sky.

Low sea mist sheathed familiar landmarks in pale grey shrouds, giving much-loved vistas an alien yet still beautiful disguise.

Flat as a sheltered lake, the sea mirrored the pale grey-blue above, enhancing the feeling that the vivid, lush colours of the countryside and shore had been transformed into a pastel-hued Impressionist painting.

Driving to and from work through this ethereal wonderland, I wanted more than ever to stop the car and spend the day walking with my camera.





Photo (Mist and no Wind on the Menai Straits) from Flickr via Google

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Women Make Waves

Women Make Waves – “a network for women by women” – is a visually pleasing, impressively eclectic and very informative site with a wide range of articles and a hugely diverse group of contributors.

My first article as a Women Make Waves author is entitled “What Do You Do?

Please let me know what you think!



Women Make Waves logo courtesy of Women Make Waves
Waves image courtesy of Science Daily via Google
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Authonomy feedback

NBheart3Prompted by the news that Authonomy has had a makeover, I logged in this evening to take a look at the new design (and liked what I saw).

While I was there, I checked my messages and read through the comments from fellow authors on the opening chapters of “New Beginnings” – not recent, but I thought I’d share them here.
maretha wrote:

I’ve read everything you’ve posted and enjoyed some of the incidents in which Tasha finds herself. You’ve managed to convey her feelings, really her unrequited love for her boss, Jamie, quite well. Many of us will certainly be able to identify with her as far as listing New Year’s Resolutions goes.

Fortunately, she felt they were nothing too great or difficult. One wonders where things will end for her at the end of the day. At the funeral, Jamie’s’ mother-in-law made an uncalled remark and I’m not sure where it comes from. After all, is Tasha works for the guy, it seems logical that she would be there to help, considering that most of his family lived far away.

The diary style is a lovely idea, but I’m concerned that in the end, it might stilt the complete development of your story, but these days people are very much into reality things, so perhaps if she uses a pseudonym and writes an open blog where people might actually comment, it’ll give you an opportunity to let us hear her voice through dialogue. Of course, this is just an opinion. Let me know when you upload more. I’m interested to see where you and this very likable, if slightly scatterbrained heroine is going to take us. :-)


Warrick Mayes wrote:

Bloody hell.

It’s not often I read everything someone has posted.

This is done in such a way that it does not feel like a story. It really feels like we’re reading someone’s private blog.

I found no errors. no faults.

What will happen between She and J? It all seems perfectly obvious, they seemed destined to be together. I don’t know how you will better this in chapter two. The problem of not being able to go out with J seems to BE the story, so eventually getting together might even be a disappointment. She’s weedling her way in, and even seems to have won over Beth. It wouldn’t be fair to retreat, but it would also be wrong to take things further – at the moment!

I love the line “Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.”


Michael Matula wrote:

Hi, Johanna. This was quite enjoyable for me. I like the conversational tone, and the format of using the blog entries (though I did kind of want the blog to be public, as it feels more like a private journal if it’s not actually on the web), and I thought you handled her inner turmoil well, and I liked the fact that she didn’t attempt to move in on J immediately after the incident. I was a bit concerned early on, as her obsession with J did make me worried for the wife and the daughter (if they hadn’t had a daughter, especially one with special needs, this might have been easier for me to swallow), so I was hoping she would move on of her own accord before the incident happened.

I also wrote down a few notes as I read:
– “give myself somewhere to record my feelings” and “I need somewhere to put down my thoughts and feelings” felt a bit similar to me, and they were within a couple of sentences from one another. I would possibly only mention this sentiment once here.
– I guess I’m behind on my acronyms, but I wasn’t sure what NVQ stood for.
– “their little girl, but a girl can look” – I might change the first one to “their little daughter,” to avoid saying girl twice here.
– “so no drinks night for me tonight” – I would possibly say “so it’s a no drinks night for me.” or go the other way and say “so no drinks for me tonight”
– A couple times, a line felt like it was trying to possibly squeeze a bit too much information in, like with “We took J back to the hospital and we both offered to stay with him but he didn’t want us to, so we left him there and I took Ben back to work because his car was still there.” where I wondered if part of it (like the fact that the car was still there) could possibly be trimmed out.

As I said, though, I thought this was very well done so far, and it felt like a very interesting twist on the genre.


Brian G Chambers wrote:

Hi Johanna
When I read your pitch I thought oh no another chick lit romance, but I thought I would give you a comment anyway.
You had me hooked from the second paragraph. This being the electronic age the blog replaces the diary. This story has you reaching for the tissue box. It is beautifully written. You can feel the emotions all the way through. Writing at its best. I disagree with Wendy Lou’s comment, I think you started her fantasies of J at the right place, it makes it seem all the more realistic.


WendyLou wrote:

Hi. I think the blog (diary) style of writing works well when the person talking is the main event in the book, but I felt it lost it a bit talking about the loss of the wife and subsequent events, as it felt detached from the action. Also, starting with the guy being so devoted made me question the girl’s moral compass and she lost favour in my eyes. Maybe she wouldn’t look so bad if her attraction started AT the time of his berievement?
I think the story has a good subject, that many people will be able to relate to, and being self published – by demand – (I’m jealous!) I’m sure you will find your readership.


I love that these are quite diverse views, with some very constructive and honest feedback. I especially love it when Tasha’s motives or ethics are questioned, because that’s how she was written – she’s not a Goody Two-Shoes.

What do you think of the comments here? Do you agree/disagree? Do you have something else to say about “New Beginnings”? I’d love to read your views :)


My Authonomy page, which includes links to the “New Beginnings” extract and these comments, can be viewed here (you’ll need to join, but it’s free and membership allows free access to thousands of books and short stories).

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You are Good Enough!!


Maegan Provan writes passionately about a recent trend in women’s literature, and echoes my own misgivings about the portrayal of women in the more headline-grabbing romance novels of late.
Like Tricia Drammeh (see comments on original post), I was more concerned with the portrayal of women and relationships in the 50 Shades novels, and I’m heartened to know that I’m not alone in regarding the weak woman / strong man formula both insulting and dangerous.

Originally posted on Maegan Provan, Author:

An increasingly disturbing trend is rippling through the literary world. It can be seen in both self published novels and traditionally published novels alike. It has the ability to change the way that people all over the world view themselves and others… and not for the better.

I can first remember hearing about “girl power” in the 90’s when the world was introduced to the Spice Girls. Of course, as early as the 1920’s, most of us alive today can recount when we first heard about women’s equality and why females deserve to be treated with respect as opposed to servants who are there for a good lay (trying to keep my cursing down for this post) and to cook a hot meal when the man commands it. Women’s liberation has been a force that’s gained a lot of forward momentum over the years. There are still a few bumps…

View original 693 more words

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Book blogs

Pile of BooksIt’s link-sharing time again, and for this update I’ve collected links to a variety of blogs about books.

They’re mostly review blogs, but it’s an eclectic little mix so hopefully there will be something for everyone – readers, writers, bloggers, and the mildly curious ;)

The taglines are the sites’ own, where applicable

The Guardian Books Blog
– self explanatory

The Book Geek
“a blog bringing you news and reviews on upcoming and recently released fiction”

“a place where you can keep track of what you’ve read, review books, organize your books in shelves, express yourself openly and creatively, and engage in group discussions with other readers”

Story Cartel
“free books in exchange for your honest review”

The Book Blogger List
“site to help book bloggers find like-minded bloggers and help authors find book bloggers that might be interested in their book”

A Womans’ Wisdom
“a place to discover fabulous storytellers plus book reviews, life and humour”

“curious corners of a writer’s cluttered mind”

“a fun, fast, and friendly way for book-lovers to talk about books on Twitter” (it’s more than that!)

The Mad Reviewer
“reviews galore, mad rants, crazy posts and more!”

Morning Books and Coffee
“I am not in any way a professional reviewer I just happen to love books and like share my thoughts and share  good books and book related stuff with others”

Enjoy! Please share any good book blogs that you’ve found: I’m always on the look-out for more :)


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Social networking

I’m aware that blogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I thought I’d share some social network links so that you can follow me elsewhere.

Simply click on a logo and you’ll find me! Please come and say “hello” :)

Johanna Nield - author
Johanna Nield

my Amazon Author page

my Amazon Author page

I also have three websites!
The first is my official site, the second and third are experimental.

official website

Official site

Tictail website

Tictail site

Wix website

Wix site

I’d very much welcome your opinion on all three – which you prefer and why – and any other comments you’d care to make.


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Tasha’s story – the next chapter

Thanks to an out-of-the-blue email proposition, I’m experimenting with a completely new way of writing. New for me, I mean.


I’ve been working intermittently on books four and five for some time, jotting down bits and bobs as they occur to me, with only a vague outline for both. To be honest, book four’s outline doesn’t need much work because it was always intended to be Jamie’s story and I’ve known that all along, but plotting book five has been a challenge. I’ve been held back somewhat because part of me wants to leave the “New Beginnings” saga where it ends in book three, but the other part of me wants to know what happens next!

Now, thanks to the aforementioned email, book five is taking shape in an entirely new way and the plot appears to be going in another new direction. It’s all very exciting!


My writing time is very limited these days due to work, studies, and other commitments, so I’ll be working on this new project  for quite a while before I’ll be in a position to share any specific information about it, but I’ll update on my progress and am happy to answer any questions if I can do so without giving too much away.




girl drawing image from elizabethwinthrop.com via Google
girl shh image from drewsmarketingminute.com via Google


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books 4 beaches


quote of the moment: from ‘New Beginnings’ by Johanna Nield

I absolutely adore and respect and idolise him. Yes, I lust after him too, but who wouldn’t?

I’m delighted to announce that an excerpt from “New Beginnings” is featured on the books 4 beaches blog today.

books 4 beaches is a no-hype zone, so you won’t find reviews or adverts and comments here. The idea is to let readers browse and peruse in a place where they’re not assailed by pleas to purchase. So read away–and enjoy!

Please take a look, and let me know what you think.

Hopefully, excerpts from my other books will be featured in the future.



Thank you to books4beaches for this sharing opportunity.



image from cfbnj.org via google
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Writing and Learning: websites to explore

wwwEvery now and then, I like to share links to websites that I’ve enjoyed in the hope that others will find something useful, informative, and / or entertaining. These are the sites that I’ve recently added to my bookmarks:

  • The WoMentoring Project

The WoMentoring Project exists to offer free mentoring by professional literary women to talented up and coming female writers who would otherwise find it difficult to access similar opportunities.

I’ve mentioned The WoMentoring Project before, and will simply reiterate here that their site is worthy of a regular visit and top-billing in your bookmarks.


  • The Creative Penn

resources to help you write, publish and market your book

Another excellent resource for independent authors: The Creative Penn


  • novelicious

Novelicious is a bright and passionate website dedicated to Women’s Fiction readers, writers and aspiring writers
Whatever your women’s fiction tastes, visit Novelicious for up to date news, reviews, exclusive author interviews, writing tips and competitions!

I’ve just discovered novelicious.com, thanks to a link on Twitter. It’s a great site, and well worth a regular visit. In today’s News section, for example, there’s an article about a forthcoming digital romance festival: HarperCollins to Host Digital Romance Festival


  • The Open University

As well as their main site, the Open University has several blogs, one of which is Open Media. The blog’s mission statement is as follows:

This blog will be discussing and presenting the innovations of the Open Media Unit (OMU), which are built on the foundations of the research led by the Institute of Education Technology (IET), the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), and our academic units (faculties), in conjunction with our long standing partnerships with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and our relationships with our third party channels (e.g. iTunes U and YouTube).
This blog will also be an opportunity to discover the emerging and changing landscape in pedagogy and technology, our position in response to these developments, and how we are working to drive these innovations forward into the public domain.
This blog will also be discussing our key findings about our relationship with informal learners and how we meet the needs of our social mission through our widening participation agenda.

Today’s entry is entitled Welcome to Facebook for Learning which introduces their Facebook page and app, both of which are portals to free learning.


  • FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of free, high quality online courses from some of the world’s leading universities and other outstanding cultural institutions.

Free learning opportunities are also available via FutureLearn, a collaborative site offering a wide variety of online courses open to everyone.




Whilst looking for something else among my bookmarks, I came across an online interview that was published on the Smashwords site last year, so I thought I’d share that here too since a little self-promotion can’t do any harm ;)
Author Interview: Johanna Nield


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