Time flies … !

It’s been ten months since my last update!

In the intervening months I have –

  • acquired a new tattoo
  • visited Glasgow twice
  • stayed overnight at the very beautiful Gladstone’s Library
  • revisited my youth at a Squeeze concert
  • enjoyed a local theatre production of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters
  • visited London three times
  • bought a new (pre-owned) car
  • visited Cardiff twice
  • won in an auction a screen-print from the Royal Shakespeare Company’s wardrobe department
  • won in an auction a theatre poster signed by most of the cast
  • entered several short story competitions
  • changed jobs
  • attended a Stereophonics concert
  • completed the final module of my six-year degree course with the Open University

My new tattoo was a birthday gift to myself, to celebrate another decade of life – my philosophy is that BIG birthdays that end with a zero should be marked as flamboyantly as possible. At 40, I had my long curly dark brown hair chopped off and bleached white blonde. My next big birthday was the excuse I needed to have my first tattoo, a celtic knot design, and I waited another ten years to have my third (the second was a memorial tattoo). I chose this design to represent my love of writing and my belief that white feathers are a message from those who have passed away.

What are your thoughts on tattoos?

If that’s too contentious a subject, tell me what you’ve been up to since last August – let’s catch up!

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Another freebie!

Who would like another free book?


New Beginnings: Starting Over” (the ebook version) will be FREE to download for five days next week.

My FREE BOOK promotion will last from Monday 28 August to Friday 1 September.

Search Amazon for ASIN: B00CERNUPE

Make sure you get your copy!
(you may wish to read books 1 & 2 first)

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle: Amazon provide a free app with which to read Kindle ebooks.



If you take advantage of this give-away, please leave a review on Amazon (even if it’s just a star). Thank you.



The second book in the series – “New Beginnings: Moving On” – was available FREE at the same time as “New Beginnings” earlier this month; unfortunately I only realised that on the fourth day of the offer, so I’m sorry if you missed it.

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“New Beginnings” – FREE!


Who doesn’t love a free book?

“New Beginnings” (the ebook version) will be FREE to download for five days next week.

My FREE BOOK promotion will last from Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August.

Search Amazon for ASIN: B01BN54HDQ

Make sure you get your copy!


Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle: Amazon provide a free app with which to read Kindle ebooks.

If you take advantage of this give-away, please leave a review on Amazon (even if it’s just a star). Thank you.



The next two books in the series – “New Beginnings: Moving On” and “New Beginnings: Starting Over” – will be available FREE within the next few weeks; dates to be confirmed, so watch this space!



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Starting from next Monday (26 September) and for a limited period only, all three titles in the New Beginnings series will be free to download via Amazon.

You don’t need a Kindle to take advantage of this offer: other options are available via Amazon’s free app – look out for the link below the usual Kindle link.

Each book will be free for one week:

  • 26 September – 2 October: New Beginnings
  • 3 October – 9 October: New Beginnings: Moving On
  • 10 October – 16 October: New Beginnings: Starting Over



Details will be posted in advance on my Facebook Page each Saturday for the next three weeks.

Don’t miss out!




P.S. If you read or have read any of my books, please leave a review on Amazon. Thank you 🙂

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News and freebies!

My three novels are now available in a new size – 8″ x 5″ rather than 8½” x 5½” – which hopefully will reduce postage charges. The photo below shows the new version (left) alongside the old version (right).


They all have revised covers, too, with a matt finish rather than gloss.This is the new version of “New Beginnings” –


I have a spare proof copy of “New Beginnings” in this new format, if you’d like it. I’ll send it, absolutely free of charge, to the first person who responds. Just leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter, letting me know that you’d like this freebie. I’ll then contact you for your address.

While I’m on the subject of freebies … if you leave a comment or review on Amazon* between 22 February and 21 March, you’ll receive a free book.

This is how it works:

  • I will send a free copy of “New Beginnings: Moving On” to anyone who leaves a comment about or review of “New Beginnings”
  • I will send a free copy of “New Beginnings: Starting Over” to anyone who leaves a comment about or review of “New Beginnings: Moving On”
  • I will send a £5 Amazon book voucher to anyone who leaves a comment about or review of “New Beginnings: Starting Over”

Just to be clear:

  • I’m asking for honest feedback and that includes criticism, dissatisfaction, displeasure etc. – I want to know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • This offer applies only to reviews of or comments on any of my three novels (mentioned above) on Amazon between 22 February and 21 March 2016.

As always, I’d love to know what you think …. let me know your thoughts on the new style covers too 🙂

*Please share a link to your comment/review either here or on my Facebook page or on Twitter (remember to mention me – @johannanield – so that I’ll see it!)


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Amazon Author – page makeover

My Author pages on Amazon (UK & US) have had a mini-makeover.

They have slightly different content: the British page features my book trailer while the American page includes my latest blog posts.

I can’t decide which one I prefer … what do you think?

UK page:


US page:


You can view the full pages here (UK) and here (US)

Let me know if you’d like one for your own country!


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Don’t you just love a free book?!

As the season of gift exchanging approaches, I’m introducing a Special Offer

When you buy ‘New Beginnings: Moving On‘ from me, you will receive ‘New Beginnings: Starting Over‘ as a thank you gift.

In other words: buy one book, get the other book free.

Yes, FREE!

Two books for the price of one!

For just £5 plus postage, both books can be yours … and I’ll sign them if you wish.

Contact me via my blog, my Facebook page or Twitter and I’ll post your books by the quickest option available.

What are you waiting for?


P.S. You may wish to read ‘New Beginnings‘ first, as ‘Moving On‘ and ‘Starting Over‘ are books two and three respectively in the series 😉

Images courtesy of wallpaperseries.com and Google

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Goodbye, Authonomy


I originally joined Authonomy in 2010, back in the days when I had the time and energy to engage with a very busy community of authors. An early extract of ‘New Beginnings’ received heaps of favourable and constructive feedback, all of which led to the version which was subsequently published.

I closed my Authonomy profile when my Open University studies began to take up a large chunk of my spare time; unfortunately I forgot to save all the comments and reviews that my novel had attracted. I re-joined in 2013 because I missed the discourse with and support of other writers, but I over-estimated my ability to participate and have been inactive there for most of the intervening period.


Because Authonomy will be closing on 30 September, I’ve copied (verbatim) the comments that the first few pages of ‘New Beginnings’ had attracted from my fellow Authonomy authors:

 • WendyLou
Hi. I think the blog (diary) style of writing works well when the person talking is the main event in the book, but I felt it lost it a bit talking about the loss of the wife and subsequent events, as it felt detached from the action. Also, starting with the guy being so devoted made me question the girl’s moral compass and she lost favour in my eyes. Maybe she wouldn’t look so bad if her attraction started AT the time of his berievement?
I think the story has a good subject, that many people will be able to relate to, and being self published – by demand – (I’m jealous!) I’m sure you will find your readership.
Good luck

• Brian G Chambers
Hi Johanna
When I read your pitch I thought oh no another chick lit romance, but I thought I would give you a comment anyway.
You had me hooked from the second paragraph. This being the electronic age the blog replaces the diary. This story has you reaching for the tissue box. It is beautifully written. You can feel the emotions all the way through. Writing at its best. I disagree with Wendy Lou’s comment, I think you started her fantasies of J at the right place, it makes it seem all the more realistic. I wish I could put it on my shelf right away but for now I will have to eject someone from my WL. It sure is worth all the six stars that I’m giving it.

• Michael Matula
Hi, Johanna. This was quite enjoyable for me. I like the conversational tone, and the format of using the blog entries (though I did kind of want the blog to be public, as it feels more like a private journal if it’s not actually on the web), and I thought you handled her inner turmoil well, and I liked the fact that she didn’t attempt to move in on J immediately after the incident. I was a bit concerned early on, as her obsession with J did make me worried for the wife and the daughter (if they hadn’t had a daughter, especially one with special needs, this might have been easier for me to swallow), so I was hoping she would move on of her own accord before the incident happened.
I also wrote down a few notes as I read:
– “give myself somewhere to record my feelings” and “I need somewhere to put down my thoughts and feelings” felt a bit similar to me, and they were within a couple of sentences from one another. I would possibly only mention this sentiment once here.
– I guess I’m behind on my acronyms, but I wasn’t sure what NVQ stood for.
– “their little girl, but a girl can look” – I might change the first one to “their little daughter,” to avoid saying girl twice here.
– “so no drinks night for me tonight” – I would possibly say “so it’s a no drinks night for me.” or go the other way and say “so no drinks for me tonight”
– A couple times, a line felt like it was trying to possibly squeeze a bit too much information in, like with “We took J back to the hospital and we both offered to stay with him but he didn’t want us to, so we left him there and I took Ben back to work because his car was still there.” where I wondered if part of it (like the fact that the car was still there) could possibly be trimmed out.
As I said, though, I thought this was very well done so far, and it felt like a very interesting twist on the genre.
High stars.
Arrival of the Ageless

• Warrick Mayes
Bloody hell.
It’s not often I read everything someone has posted.
This is done in such a way that it does not feel like a story. It really feels like we’re reading someone’s private blog.
I found no errors. no faults.
What will happen between She and J? It all seems perfectly obvious, they seemed destined to be together. I don’t know how you will better this in chapter two. The problem of not being able to go out with J seems to BE the story, so eventually getting together might even be a disappointment. She’s weedling her way in, and even seems to have won over Beth. It wouldn’t be fair to retreat, but it would also be wrong to take things further – at the moment!
I love the line “Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.”
Best wishes
“Sleeping With God”

• maretha
New Beginnings by Johanna Nield
I’ve read everything you’ve posted and enjoyed some of the incidents in which Tasha finds herself. You’ve managed to convey her feelings, really her unrequited love for her boss, Jamie, quite well. Many of us will certainly be able to identify with her as far as listing New Year’s Resolutions goes. Fortunately, she felt they were nothing too great or difficult. One wonders where things will end for her at the end of the day. At the funeral, Jamie’s’ mother-in-law made an uncalled remark and I’m not sure where it comes from. After all, is Tasha works for the guy, it seems logical that she would be there to help, considering that most of his family lived far away.
The diary style is a lovely idea, but I’m concerned that in the end, it might stilt the complete development of your story, but these days people are very much into reality things, so perhaps if she uses a pseudonym and writes an open blog where people might actually comment, it’ll give you an opportunity to let us hear her voice through dialogue. Of course, this is just an opinion. Let me know when you upload more. I’m interested to see where you and this very likable, if slightly scatterbrained heroine is going to take us. 🙂 Many stars for now and all the best on authonomy.
African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends


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6 months of magic and mayhem…with more to follow!

I’m reblogging Sophie’s post here because it deserves a huge audience (as does she) 😉

Sophie E Tallis - Author/Illustrator

Today’s post is a rather reflective one, so apologies for getting a little misty-eyed and overawed!

Six months ago on the 1st December 2014 my debut novel, White Mountain, the first of my Darkling Chronicles trilogy, was gloriously published by Grimbold Books & their imprint Kristell Ink Publishing. I knew at the time that the merry-go-round of madness was about to begin, but boy what a rollercoaster ride it’s been!


White Mountain, as most of my friends, family and supporters know, was a complete labour of love that took over ten years to write, research and worldbuild (yes, I am a VERY slow writer! I promise that Book 2 WILL be finished and ready next year, so no decade to wait!). All my interests in ancient history, world mythology, geography, geology, natural history, ecology, anthropology etc., etc., dripped into the history and worldbuilding behind the story of White Mountain

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Author spotlight

My Author Spotlight page on Lulu.com has been given a little make-over:

AuthorSpotlightWhat do you think?

Interesting* fact: when I’m logged in to Lulu, my books are displayed in order of publication and the prices are quoted in sterling, yet when I’m logged out the page is displayed as shown above.

*I realise this may be interesting only to those of us who are puzzled by such anomalies (sorry!) 😉

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