Review: “a three-tissue weepie”

There’s a great review of New Beginnings in the autumn issue of “The Self Publishing Magazine” (out now!).

“The Self Publishing Magazine” incorporates “Readers’ Review Magazine”, which exclusively reviews self published books. You can browse a selection of reviews which have featured in the magazine, via their Book Review Library.

I’ve reproduced the review below; or you can read it online here.

New Beginnings
Category: Fiction
Author: Johanna Nield
Publisher: Lulu
Price: £6.75
ISBN: 9780956451026
Pages: 228
Reviewed in issue: 28
This is where the world’s most verbose blogger – Tasha, short for Natasha – conveys all her actions and feelings regarding her love for J – short for Jamie – and the problems they both face when he loses his wife to a car crash.

It aims to be a three-tissue weepie, and I am sure it can succeed in that. It’s a book that successfully marries quite sincere and intelligent issues about many of the stages of bereavement with a very chatty chick-lit romcom style.

It’s a shame music and film references are already dating it; it’s a shame the font used makes ‘J’ look too much like ‘I’, but really this has been very well put together, for what looks like a fully self-produced volume.

The biggest flaw remains the fact that Tasha lives in such an idealised world where everyone has oodles of time for helping their colleagues and neighbours, and she then writes about it all at such real-time length you just know she wouldn’t get anything else done – such as reading interesting books such as this.

I feel it’s a fair and honest review, and I agree with the constructive comments regarding the film and music references, and the font. What do you think?

Would your review of New Beginnings be different?

P.S. The reviewer doesn’t state where the book was purchased for £6.75, but it’s available for less, and the digital version is much cheaper.


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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3 Responses to Review: “a three-tissue weepie”

  1. Laura Jones says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank You


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