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Pile of BooksIt’s link-sharing time again, and for this update I’ve collected links to a variety of blogs about books.

They’re mostly review blogs, but it’s an eclectic little mix so hopefully there will be something for everyone – readers, writers, bloggers, and the mildly curious 😉

The taglines are the sites’ own, where applicable

The Guardian Books Blog
– self explanatory

The Book Geek
“a blog bringing you news and reviews on upcoming and recently released fiction”

“a place where you can keep track of what you’ve read, review books, organize your books in shelves, express yourself openly and creatively, and engage in group discussions with other readers”

Story Cartel
“free books in exchange for your honest review”

The Book Blogger List
“site to help book bloggers find like-minded bloggers and help authors find book bloggers that might be interested in their book”

A Womans’ Wisdom
“a place to discover fabulous storytellers plus book reviews, life and humour”

“curious corners of a writer’s cluttered mind”

“a fun, fast, and friendly way for book-lovers to talk about books on Twitter” (it’s more than that!)

The Mad Reviewer
“reviews galore, mad rants, crazy posts and more!”

Morning Books and Coffee
“I am not in any way a professional reviewer I just happen to love books and like share my thoughts and share  good books and book related stuff with others”

Enjoy! Please share any good book blogs that you’ve found: I’m always on the look-out for more 🙂



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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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