What works for you?

Here are two examples of the back cover description for “New Beginnings” – the ‘blurb’ that gives a quick overview of the story:


Tasha loves Jamie. Jamie loves Helen, his wife.

In fact he absolutely adores her. He loves his daughter, Beth, too.

Well, a girl can look, can’t she?

When Helen dies in a car crash, the question arises again: can she look now?

Jamie is consumed by grief. This is a delicate situation. Jamie is in torment. If Helen was a saint in Jamie’s eyes before, she is so much more now.

Maybe Tasha should go for Darren instead.


Natasha Arden loves music, food, sex, clothes (not necessarily in that order) and her boss. Will she find heartache or happiness?

This is Tasha’s story – a tale of love, loss, life and lots more – but don’t be misled by the opening chapter. Natasha may write in a chatty, light-hearted way, but her story is not a romantic comedy: she faces moral dilemmas, heartache, and difficult choices. You may laugh with her at times, but you’ll also cry with and for her as she tries to make the best of what life throws her way.

If you’ve read “New Beginnings”, which description do you feel is the most accurate?

Whether you’ve read it or not, which one do you feel is more likely to entice you to read the book?

Please feel free to comment on either description, as I really need to know what does or doesn’t work, and why.


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Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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6 Responses to What works for you?

  1. johannanield says:

    Thank you, Tammy!
    I’ve listed outlets in a previous blog update [“In (online) shops now!”] – https://johannanield.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/in-online-shops-now/


  2. Tammy Tyrie Furgason says:

    For sure, it’s all yours :). I’ll have to pick up a copy too, let me know when I can buy it!

    BTW Both Tammy & Tyrie are me, forgot to check the name on the reply LOL


  3. Tyrie says:

    Both are ok but neither really does it for me, they both seem to sort of loose their way. What do you think about this??

    “Tasha loves Jamie but Jamie is madly in love with his wife Helen.

    When Helen dies in a car crash and leaves Jamie to raise their daughter Beth alone is it wrong for Tasha to offer help? Is it wrong for her to offer a shoulder to cry on? Is it wrong for her to want to offer more?

    Could Jamie ever love another, and could it ever be Tasha?”


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