I’ve recently joined the iAuthor community, where my books are listed in the Romance section.

They’re also featured in two of the innovative Themes sections: Contemporary British romance, and Indie Books Looking for Reviewers (read more about the latter below)

iAuthoriAuthor is an interactive book discovery platform, global in reach and vision. Through ultra-immersive book samples and crowdsourced themes, iAuthor connects READERS to BOOKS. We aim to give the publishing world something unique: a hub for serendipitous discovery.

Are you a reader?
iAuthor is transforming book discovery. Through a theme-driven approach, iAuthor recreates the serendipity of the bookshop. From New York Times bestsellers to edgy indies, you’ll stumble upon books you never knew existed! Read enticing book samples straight from your browser. Buy in a format of your choice. Feeling creative? iAuthor lets you create your own book Themes ‒ then share them with the world.

More information can be found here and here.

Indie books looking for reviewers

My comment on this iAuthor page:

I welcome all reviews – good, bad, indifferent – as long as they’re honest; they help me understand what my readers like and don’t like about my work.
NEW BEGINNINGS is a contemporary British romance with adult themes; it’s not chick-lit and it’s not sweet and fluffy.
If you’d like to review any of the three titles in the series, please get in touch here, or via Twitter or Facebook.
Thank you.

iAuthor has something for writers and readers alike. Why not take a look?


You can find my iAuthor book pages here:
New Beginnings
New Beginnings: Moving On
New Beginnings: Starting Over


About johannanield

Welsh author of a contemporary British romance trilogy
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2 Responses to iAuthor

  1. johannanield says:

    You’re very welcome, Lizzie. I really like the look of iAuthor because it has such a wide range of genres – there’s something to attract every reader – and it looks like a great way for readers and writers to interact. I’ll look out for you there 🙂


  2. Thank you always for sharing such useful information. I just added my novel on iAuthor so am really grateful to you for providing this link. All the best and I look forward to reading your trilogy 🙂

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